Professional, independent practitioners dedicated to providing holistic health and fitness services.

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Yumiko Asamizu, Radiant Fitness (619) 807-3814

Carl Balingit, Balingit Acupuncture (619) 994-2119

Tate Baker, Massage Therapy (414) 324-3212

Laura Fontana, Holistic Health Practitioner (619) 994-2330

Jodi Ketchum, Lotus Sanctuary (619) 293-3360 ext. 17

​Mark Leisinger, Radiant Fitness (619) 865-9903

Monica Marroquin, Tuina Bodywork/Massage (619) 779-5197

Vanessa Patterson, The V Spot (619) 955-2580

Jennale Peacock, Freebird Yoga & Massage (619) 573-5033

Sherry Smith, Being Well Holistic Therapy (619) 347-1243

Lotus Sanctuary

1792 W. Washington St  San Diego CA 92103​

Please contact your provider directly if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment 

Are you using a GPS? Read this!


When driving to the Lotus Sanctuary from HWY 5 or West of the 5 many times the GPS will route you up the hill on W. Washington St, past the Lotus Sanctuary. GPS will instruct you to make a U-turn to come back down the hill and turn right into our parking lot.


​If you are coming from HWY 5 and headed East on W. Washington turn left into our parking lot at the India/W Washington Street intersection.

Located across the street from Gelato Vero Cafe. We share a parking lot with Yoshino's and Luche Libre.