Tuina Bodywork / Massage Therapy

Sherry Smith, CCht., C.M.T. 


Sherry is a certified massage therapist and a student at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.  Sherry specializes in Tuina bodywork, Sports, Swedish, and Deep Tissue massage.  She will design a protocol especially for you and your health needs.  Her passion is your well being. cont...

Jennale Peacock


As a wellness practitioner, a mother and an environmental scientist - I know that finding and maintaining balance in our busy lives takes a concerted effort. Self accountability is a BIG part of the picture, but having a just little bit of outside help makes an enormous difference, we all thrive better with support. That is my focus - I provide support. Through massage and yoga therapies I help refine body mind awareness. cont...

Laura Fontana, HHP

​(619) 994-2330
Follow your own heart and guidance.

Laura's purpose is promoting wellness and connectivity to the Divine, for our greater awareness as a whole in taking care of ourselves, each other, and our Earth. It is for this reason that she was attracted to, and has practiced Massage Therapy and Holistic Healthcare for the past six years. Laura is very blessed to have helped many people to better health, reduced pain and tension, physical alignment, emotional release, and relaxation of mind and body. Cont... 

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Jodi Ketchum, Founder
Certified in Tuina Bodywork

Please note: Jodi is not accepting clients.

Jodi received her Tuina Bodywork and Massage Therapy certification at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego. She continued her studies at the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shanghai, China. In addition to PCOM, she attended the Southwest School of Healing Arts in Phoenix, AZ. Jodi has over 1500 hours of training and 12 years of experience in the field of therapeutic massage and bodywork. Continuing her studies in Tuina Bodywork, Jodi has completed certification in Tuina for Diabetes, Hypertension and Stroke at the Taoist Sanctuary in San Diego.

Jodi's specialty is working with people who suffer from chronic back, neck and shoulder pain, chronic fatigue, hypertension/anxiety/depression and symptoms from PMS and other internal disharmonies stemming from the female reproductive system.

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Professional, independent practitioners dedicated to providing holistic health and fitness services.

Tate Baker, LMT 


Tate began working in massage therapy in 2006 after recognizing the importance of using massage as a maintenance tool for optimal mind and body health.  After having taught yoga for some time in Milwaukee, WI; he began his studies with Lakeside School of Massage Therapy in Milwaukee. cont...

Monica Marroquin


Inspired by the effects holistic medicine had on her personal healing experience, Monica decided to pursue her life path and found her passion in helping clients obtain a state of wellness through massage therapy. Incorporating both western and eastern modalities, cont...

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