Sugaring is an alternative to waxing and laser hair removal that uses a warm, thick paste to remove unwanted hair causing no damage to the skin. The paste is a mixture of sugar, lemon juice, and water. It contains no chemicals and is naturally hypoallergenic, making it an excellent option for sensitive areas.

Pilates is a wonderful way to increase strength and flexibility, coordination, balance and body awareness. It is ideally suited for all ages and all ranges of physical fitness. You can experience the benefits of pilates in private personal sessions or include friends in a semi private or even a group setting! Private personal training also available

Yoga is currently offered by Radiant Fitness and Bodywise Yoga

Acupuncture is a branch of traditional Chinese medicine. It involves the use of thin stainless-steel disposable needles at one or more points on the body. Acupuncture treats and prevents disease, stops pain, and promotes well-being.  

Professional, independent practitioners dedicated to providing holistic health and fitness services.

Ourindependent Massage Therapists and Holistic Health Practitionersoffer Tuina Bodywork, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports and Relaxation Massage.

Eliminate pain, reduce stress and increase energy with Tuina Bodywork and Massage Therapy.

 Massage Therapy list of services & pricing

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